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my theme fucking sucks but I cannot be bothered to find one. 

Rest day today.

I went to see the screening of Coriolanus this morning, which was fab and Tom Hiddleston is incredible and why isn’t he married to me yet?

Breakfast: cup of Krave w/skimmed milk
Snack: Costa’s caffe caramella (250kcal)
Lunch: Pizza Express- 1/2 Vesuvio pizza and raspberry sorbet (175)
Dinner: Tea because I’m not hungry.

Anonymous asked:
What is wrong with the form?


Lots of things are going wrong here but ok I will start with the most obvious

  • The wrists. The wrists and arms should never be under the bar and supporting the bar like that, as it puts a lot of weight and pressure on your wrist joints which could lead to injury. Your elbows should be pointed out behind you, with your hands pushing the bar against your back for extra tension and support.
  • Look at her torso. Look at how bendy and loose it is. Look at how her back arches like a porn star. There is no tightness whatsoever, and her spine is not in a neutral position, which is dangerous. Before each and every rep, you should be taking in a big breath, holding it in, and bracing and pushing your stomach muscles (like you’re about to take a poop), and stay tight like that in order to stabilize and protect your spine. Stay tight all the way down and breathe out when you are almost done coming back up from the bottom of the squat.Your back needs to be neutral, as in as straight as possible, not arched, not rounded.You need to stay tight as hell. She is not tight at all. She will hurt her back someday.
  • She is also having her butt roll (aka buttwink) underneath her body at the bottom, its very pronounced. This is difficult to fix and a little bit is okay, but staying tight, like we previously discussed, would help a bit. You should generally avoid going so low that this happens, as its another stressor on the back when it happens this much. Mobility work can help decrease buttwink at low depth.
  • She is bending at the knees first, which causes her to just drop straight down, and she comes up the same way. This makes the lift much more quad-centric and doesn’t engage the hamstrings and glutes as much. Ideally, after you’ve taken your big breath and braced your abs and gone into the position of a neutral spine, you should start the squat with your hips, not your knees. Imagine your hips are the only hinge in your body. Big breath, brace, then bend at your hips only, reaching out backwards with your butt while keeping your spine neutral (your torso will lean forward a bit, this is ok, just keep the same angle throughout the entire rep until the end), and then open your knees outward, and you will drop naturally. Bend at the butt/hips, not at the knees. Thrust butt forward to come back up.
  • Her heels don’t seem to be staying down. You must keep your weight on your heels, point your toes up if it helps, push through your heels to come back up. Try to spread the floor with your feet to power yourself up.

Thats about it for now. Even if its just a bodyweight squat, practice proper form.

basically, breath, brace yourself, neutral spine, tensiontensiontension, bend at the hips not the knees, heels down, thrust that butt forward


Brenda Martinez.

I really want to see more fitspo featuring Latinas.

~ The Flab of Steel Removal Surgery


Hello my fellow healthy community friends, it is I - Anna!

You may know me as that chick who has a stomach monster, is very nice to anon hate, whose dog is somewhat dying, and who is generally nice to everyone - even anon hate!

You’ve probably seen a few post going around…